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N&B Services works for people who own or plan to acquire real estate in Spain for permanent residence or temporary accommodation.

Having first-hand experience, we know all about the difficulties of moving to a foreign country. You may not know anyone. You may not speak the local language. You may have little to no experience with a new legal system and daily routines and choices that require prompt decision-making.

For present and future owners of real estate in Barcelona and/or at the Costa-Brava, we have developed a full line of services to eliminate your troubles and doubts regarding home maintenance and upkeep, both while you are in Spain and while you are away.

N&B Services collaborates with diverse Spanish companies in the area of maintenance of foreign real estate. We provide a full range of high quality services to satisfy the most sophisticated requests and wishes. We work with each client on an individual basis following our main principle:


“You want it? You will get it!”


N&B Services’ basic bundled services include:

We do our best to make you feel at home in Spain and make your stay here easy and comfortable. When you do leave Spain, you can be confident that your home here is safe. We will care about it as if it were our own!

You may see all our services HERE.

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